WHY IS IT DIFFICULT TO HAVE INDIE AUTHORS ON LIBRARY SHELVES? It takes weeks, months even years for independent writers to have their work published, like all authors in fact. But it is baffling to understand what it takes to have Self-Published authors on the bookshelves of local libraries. It is understandable that there are ‘politics’ involved in having an indie author’s book distributed by certain book distributors or having their books in certain book retailers, but it is beyond imagination that independent authors cannot get their books into the libraries of the areas where they are residents. Many indie authors are ‘authorpreneurs’, studied, coached and read every book available on authorpreneurship, and therefore they are able to sell themselves and their books. But strange, they are unable to break down the barriers of having their books in their local libraries. An indie author worth his/her salt, through patience and dedication, knows that it is not easy to get their works out there in the public eye. The people in the public libraries churn out a long list of people you need to contact and talk to about having your book in their libraries, but it turns out that these people are, in fact, ghosts who refer you to another person, who if you are lucky will refer to another person who does not even bother to acknowledge your correspondence. Authors are no strangers to rejections, the Hemingways and Rawlins of this world are a testimony to this, but being ignored by someone in public service is beyond imagination. Thabo Mooke is the author of the Self-Published book, The Sins of Parents, has completed his second novel, Daring the Headmaster, which is considered for publishing.