There is a tendency amongst young writers (too) eager to have their work published.

Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with that, but there is a danger that may cause

irreparable damage to your writing career. There is a growing number of independent publishers

in this country and for a good reason because many writers would not have their work published.

But like in other sectors, the independent book publishing sector is not immune to unscrupulous

characters. Two young men recently approached me and requested me to review their books

and just one page of each book I  could not read further. The opening sentences were more than

sixty words longer and the facts jumbled up making it very, very difficult to understand what actually

the writing was trying to convey to the reader. These books were Self-published and like any indie, 

writer will tell you, Self-publishing is a huge investment. Now with such sloppy work, there is no

way the writer will recoupe his money and worse still the next project will not find a market for readers. 

In my discussion with the two young men, I realized they did not do their homework, they failed to

research the industry they were plunging into. There are many scrupulous and reputable publishing

houses in this country, all that any writer needs to do it is to find out what do they offer in terms of

their services. Do not rush into publishing before have a full grasp of what is happing in the

world of writing and publishing. Reputable independent publishers offer a variety of quality services,

but it is essential for any new writer to opt for book editing, development editing, proofreading and book cover

design. This does not come cheap though, but every writer must seek these services if he or she wants

to compete with other giants in the writing world. There is no point in hurrying to publish

when all this will only damage your reputation. Find out from other fellow indie writers how

they managed to navigate these treacherous fields, I am sure many will be willing to help.

I wish the two young men luck in their next endeavors.