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Thabo Mooke recently completed a Random House Struik (RHS) Creative Writing Course. He was requested to submit his completed manuscript, Sins of Fathers and Mothers, for review. In the event the manuscript is considered favourably, it will be published in an e-Book format.


The protagonist is agonised, and seeks to know his roots and understand his ancestral linage. Nevertheless, his mother refuses to tell him who his father is and they become distraught. He tries a different approach to convince his mother to tell him who his father is by writing a poem for her.

  • Mama ndiya buza,
  • Why is my name similar to that of your father?
  • Why mama?
  • Why is my name similar to that of your brothers and sisters
  • Why do I own their name mama?
  • Ndiya buza bo.
  • What is my real name mama?
  • What is my father’s name mama?
  • Who is my father?
  • Who am I, whose son am I

He is unrelenting to find his father and he visits his maternal great grandmother he is let into harrowing dark secrets of his mother’s family.

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